How would you like to have:
  • A deeper relationship with your clients
  • At no cost to you
  • With additional cash that falls to your bottom line
What do you mean by a broader relationship?

Most of the services you offer to your clients revolves around IT infrastructure and managed services. What if you could offer additional services to your clients, that make them more efficient and effective? Do you think that would make you more valuable to your clients? More indispensable?

How many of your clients do you see struggling with inefficient software systems or manual processes that hold them back. Without a programmer on staff, you would need to look elsewhere to help the client. Or worse shrug your shoulders and do nothing.

When I say a deeper relationship, I am talking about being able to offer your clients additional services that make your client more efficient and more profitable. A more efficient and profitable client is a happier client. Happier clients are more loyal to your company and less resistant to paying higher fees for your services.

The best part: you can create a better client relationship without hiring additional staff or taking on additional costs.

Ok, but how am I supposed to offer these additional services?

Software automation requires you either hire additional staff or outsource the work (often to an offshore company – Yikes). Hiring a programmer means more headaches: increased payroll costs, increased employee benefit costs, and the need to keep the programmer busy during down times. Outsourcing means: dealing with differing scheduling; dealing with time-zones and language barriers, if you outsource overseas; and data security.

A better solution is to partner with me. I specialize in eliminating unproductive and unprofitable work for my clients using software, whether off-the-shelf or custom-made. I find solutions for the challenges companies face on a day-to-day basis that software automation can eliminate. I have no software to sell which means I look for the best solution for your clients. I will not try to shoehorn your clients into software I created, just because I created it.

Partnering with me means no additional staff (and thus no additional costs) and no need to outsource. I will work under your company’s banner and even wear your uniform. Billing will be done through your company, with you keeping a portion of any fees paid by the client for my work.

My goal is to seamlessly work with your firm to deliver the services to your client.

Ok, but how does this give me cash that falls to my bottom line?

When you invoice the client for my work, you take a percentage of the invoice before paying for my services. At no cost to you, you have earned additional income on services you previously did not offer clients. This is income you would not have had when you didn’t offer software automation services. You may even find that using my firm, you can offer more of your regular services now that the client is more profitable and efficient.

Using a partnership approach, you can both benefit from a new revenue stream and potential new services to current or new clients.

Ok, What's the catch?

No catch. Your only work is to identify opportunities in your current client list. Once you have identified a potential opportunity you can bring me in to do the actual work. You and I will set the terms for the engagement and how you would like me to interface with your clients. I will even wear any company apparel and present myself as an part of your team if you want.

Don’t know what you should look for? Don’t worry, I will happily spend the time to educate you on what to look for in an ideal client for software automation.

Partnering with me is easy and there are no gotchas or catches. You find the work and collect the fee for work I do on behalf of your company.

Sounds great, how do we get started?

Simple, connect with me and setup a meeting. I believe this type of partnership is win-win for all of us. Give me a call at 207-740-5709 or email me at Let’s talk and get a profitable relationship going!

Let’s talk and get a profitable relationship going!

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