About Me

I started Dirigo Software Solutions in 2010, when the economic downturn caused me to be laid off. While not ideal, it did give me the push I needed to start my own business, so I could pursue my true passion, which is helping businesses to harness the power of technology and free themselves from unprofitable and unproductive work.

William Wade

Owner, former Marine

Bitten by the computing bug when my father brought home a Tandy 1000 HX from Radio Shack, I have always been interested in using code to automate work. I even did some basic coding on Lotus Approach in the Marines, in order to calculate physical fitness scores and generate reports. When I left the Marines in 1998, I decided to pursue a degree in Information Technology, which I later changed to Business Administration at USM and was then hired by UPS as a field support technician. Unfortunately, there were a few road bumps as I was activated twice in the Maine Army National Guard, losing four semesters. In 2005, when I finally graduated, I left UPS to work at my first software development job. Here I got first hand experience working with creating software to solve specific business challenges and how they are intertwined. How, when used correctly, software can really help businesses to succeed. While I was not able to remain there due to circumstances outside of my control, it did give me the foundation I needed to start Dirigo Software Solutions.

I am a life-long Mainer, with a small detour in the Marines. I love the quality of life it gives me and the beautiful scenery. A husband and father of three children, there is always something going on, but when I am free to do my own thing, I like to hike and read history books.

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