Overcoming the 80/20 Rule to Gain Peak Business Efficiency

Overcoming the 80/20 Rule to Gain Peak Business Efficiency                                    

You’ve probably never heard of Vilfredo Pareto, but he discovered a principle that powerfully impacts your business efficiency every day: the 80/20 Rule. Sometimes referred to as “The Pareto Principle,” the 80/20 Rule states that 20 percent of your efforts result in 80 percent of your results. Looked at from another angle, that means that—if you’re an average business owner or manager—you are losing time, money, and efficiency because you’re devoting too much time and attention to things that don’t MAXIMIZE PROFITABILITY.

So how do you most intelligently address the 80/20 Rule in your business? How do you “turn it around” in a way that spurs next-level business efficiency?

Your Dirigo Software Solution

Here at Dirigo Software Solutions, my core mission is to let you do exactly that: to help you eliminate unprofitable, unnecessary work through the RIGHT KIND of automation and technology. This often involves taking a “deep dive” into your business and really understanding what makes it click. Working together, you and I can explore:

  • What tasks are you doing that waste time and money, and that are activities that automation could make more efficient?
  • How can you enhance the 20 percent of things you currently do that maximize value, productivity, and profitability?

Nurturing Business Efficiency and Profitability

By focusing on these 2 key questions, we can use the 80/20 “lens” to see much more clearly how to significantly improve your business’s profitability. One way this might be done—to use just one example—is to apply the 80/20 Rule to Customer Experience (CX). The typical business earns most of its profits by selling to its top 20 percent of customers—so it’s smart to enhance automation to focus more on them. Ask yourself: How can you lavish more attention on them? How can you cultivate even greater loyalty among them? How can you build relationships with them that naturally translate into higher sales? Finally—and critically—how can you use automation to make your bottom 80 percent of customers begin to resemble your top 20 percent?

This example shows that the RIGHT KIND of automation—applied in the RIGHT WAY for your specific organization and its specific goals—can be a golden key to “next level” business success. By seeing how your specific business is impacted by the 80/20 Rule … and by exploring what specific automation solutions can most forcibly turn that around … we can work together to take you to the next level of business efficiency.

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Founded by lifelong Mainer and former U.S. Marine William Wade, Dirigo Software Solutions is passionately committed to helping business owners and managers harness the power of technology so you can free yourself to focus on the most profitable, productive tasks. For more information, I invite you to contact me at 207-740-5709 or by email at wwade@dirigosoftwaresolutions.com.

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