Integrating 3rd-Party Software

Software Integration

  • Client: SPC Transport
  • What we did: Integrated a 3rd-party mobile application with the internal transportation management system, so they can track brokered loads for their clients.


This was a fairly complicated process and it required a lot of effort to map how to solve the issue. The different systems are not made to talk to each other, so it required looking at how we could work within those limitations and still create a smooth system and as transparent to those using the system.

Project Goals

  • Integrate 3rd-Party Software
  • Simplify the Process of Brokering Loads
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Reduce Follow-up with Brokered Carriers
  • Eliminate Duplicated Effort
  • Provide Better Customer Service to their Clients

Our Solution

This was a fairly complicated process and it required several different pieces of software to make it all work. We needed a website to capture information from the brokered carriers. Then we needed custom software to create the shipments on the 3rd-party mobile application, that the driver of the load could use to track the shipment on their phone. Additonally, since these drivers were not employees of my client, we needed ways to track compliance with the usage of the mobile application.


While it was impossible to eliminate all the manual work, as someone still needed to negotiate the loads and handle issues, we created a system that now handles a lot of the work that employees had to do. From a self-service website that allows the brokered carrier to manage their dirver information and when they will be ready to start transporting a load to the software they keeps the transportation management system updated with the drivers movement. Additionally, when the shipment has been completed, the brokered carrier can then upload documents, simplifing the billing process. In this case we have significantly reduced the time brokers need to be on the phone chasing information down, freeing them up to work on sales and other important tasks. The billing department, now no longer needs to chase down important documents in their emails, but now has a system that puts it all in the same place for easier review and processing.

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