Streamline New Client Onboarding

Process Improvement

  • Client: Financial Planner
  • What we did: Used 3rd-party software to connect client's different internal software systems.


The client was using different cloud-based software to run their firm, so the solution had to be something that could interact with all these systems, but hopefully not require a complicated software to keep it all in sync.

Project Goals

  • Eliminate Duplicated Effort
  • Reduce Errors

Our Solution

Not all challenges require an expensive solution. Using Zapier, a cloud-based automation software, we were able to coordinate the creation of new clients from one system and propgate them to the other two systems for a small month fee to Zapier.


Now, the client only needs to create the new client and it shows up in the other two systems with no effort on their part. So, what took a person about 30 minutes to do and toggling between three different programs, not only takes about five minutes and it appears in the other programs automatically.

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