What a Real Customer Says About Dirigo Software Solutions

What a Real Customer Says About Dirigo Software Solutions 

“Once the software automation was in place . . . we no longer needed to interrupt operations to get the information to the client, allowing us to broker more loads . . . Overall, I believe we have saved four to five hours a week though the code Dirigo Software Solutions created.”

– Ruddley Emerson, Operations SPC Transport

As we saw in a previous Dirigo Software Solutions blog, there can be AMAZING benefits to automation—but ONLY when conceptualized, implemented, and maintained in the best way possible for your specific organization. Recently we were asked to do precisely that by SPC Transport, a trucking/transportation company in Auburn, Maine.

The Automation Challenge

SPC Transport had begun to experience inefficiencies related to processing emailed orders for various loads. If questions popped up regarding a load request, SPC would have to stop and email customers regarding the issue. SPC began to wonder: Could automating their in-box and tweaking their software with new code help them enjoy new efficiencies in order processing?

Dirigo Software Solutions Steps In

After SPC called Dirigo Software Solutions, William Wade of DSS analyzed the situation and quickly determined the type of solution DSS should offer; (a) One that wouldn’t require SPC’s customers to have to change how they order; and (b) One that eliminates as much human involvement as possible, thus enhancing order precision and the speed of the entire process.

The Dirigo Software Solution

To keep to this framework, the first thing we at Dirigo Software Solutions did was to use SPC’s existing software to pull the source file from their customers’ emails, then download it to a directory.

Next, we created a service to watch that directory, so that when it sees a new file, a process is launched to get the load information and compare it against what is in SPC’s transportation management system.

Finally, we had the new solution create an email showing discrepancies to the customer, so they could decide how to address them. By eliminating the need to manually search for loads in the transport management system, we eliminated human error AND greatly sped-up SPC’s order fulfillment. A process that once took almost an hour is now typically handled by SPC Transportation in under five minutes.

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