How Dirigo Software Solutions Improved One Client's Data Processing Software

How DSS Improved One Client’s Data Processing Software

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s like drinking from a firehose?” Well, unless you have the RIGHT KIND of data processing software … and it’s automated in the RIGHT WAY for you … your data processing and management can feel like: You’re bombarded by raw data, but aren’t extracting and processing it in a way that delivers MAXIMUM usefulness to your organization.

Dirigo Software Solutions Steps In

One of our clients—a nonprofit in central Maine - was recently faced with one of the problems data processing software and management can pose. In their case, they were using an automation system that tracked their programs, but which only allowed them to get “canned” reports. Sure, it offered them essential data. But it then required them to MANUALLY summarize the data by town and activity for their master spreadsheet.

The result? Not only did this multi-step process waste time, but it also significantly increased the risk of incorrect data entry. And that was absolutely unacceptable because the spreadsheet was indispensable to their fundraising, the lifeblood of most nonprofits.

The Dirigo Software Solution

After they called us, our mission was clear: We needed to eliminate the need for someone to tabulate and summarize the raw data, and we needed to do so in a way that eliminated errors.

Due to the complexity of the source report, we decided it would be best to create a piece of custom software that would import the source report, process it, and then update the spreadsheet. We wanted to make this simple and straightforward for the client, so all they would have to do is select the file to import and the file to update.

To make sure our solution offered maximum ease-of-use and flexibility, we also included code to allow them to change settings on how certain fields in the source report were manipulated, and where the results were stored in the master spreadsheet.

Breakthrough, Time-Saving Results

To say our client was delighted with our solution is putting it mildly. A task that once took days now takes MINUTES. For a nonprofit very concerned with keeping costs low, this difference is HUGE. Thanks to it, the client now can devote much more time to attracting donations, and much less time on entering data.

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