Automation Strategies That Save Time and Save Money

As you read the title of this blog, you may be wondering why we placed such emphasis on the words “the RIGHT KIND of automation.” You may be wondering: Don’t ALL automation strategies save time and save money? The eye-opening answer is, “No, not necessarily.” In fact, if you don’t automate in the most intelligent, strategic way for your specific organization, your automation could even backfire, actually UNDERMINING your profitability. Let’s take 2 minutes to examine why …

Does Automation Save Time?

If automation is designed and implemented in the optimal way for your specific organization, it can - no doubt - be a fantastic time-saver. In a recent report in Forbes, the magazine noted: “The data is clear. Employees consider many aspects of their jobs to be repetitive and open to automation …. Fully 53 percent of employees state that they can save up to 2 work hours a day (240 hours per year) through automation; 78 percent of business leaders posit that automation can free up to 3 work hours a day (360 hours per year). Think about those numbers. They’re staggering.”

So case closed, right? Unfortunately, no. The sad fact is that automation - if NOT conceptualized and applied in the smartest, most customized way for your organization - can turn into “a fool’s errand.” This can be true when, for example, we decide to automate by creating or purchasing some software—then find we wind up spending more time creating or grappling with the software than we ever did on the task.

Does Automation Save Money?

According to a recent survey of 300 corporate managers reported by Integration, Inc., 61 percent of managers said automation REGULARLY provides cost savings. Viewed long-term, this benefit can boost your profit margins for decades.

But the downside?  The simple fact is, automation that is NOT specifically conceptualized and implemented to fit your organization can (1.) Carry a steeper-than-necessary price tag upfront; (2.) Lead to maintenance headaches; and/or (3.) Create a lower degree of flexibility.

Summing Up the Pros and Cons

As we’ve seen, there can be amazing benefits to automation - but ONLY when conceptualized, implemented, and maintained in the best way possible for your specific organization and its tasks. When you want to explore automating your organization THE RIGHT WAY, we invite you to contact William Wade at 207-740-5709 or email him at

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