Achieving Next-Level Efficiency via Software Integration

Achieving Next-Level Efficiency via Software Integration                       

If reading IT manuals isn’t your idea of “big fun,” you may be a bit hazy on what “software integration” is all about. Here at Dirigo Software Solutions, we think of it like this: “In a world where there is a software solution for everything under the sun, software integration is ‘all about’ the best way to get your data synching between all your different tools.”

This kind of synching - this software integration - can be a DRAMATIC way to deliver all-new efficiency and growth to your business. Let’s take a moment to look at how we did this for one real-life Maine company, SPC Transport Company of Auburn.

The SPC Challenge

The basic problem SPC faced was that they did not have a maximum-efficiency way to track the loads they were hauling for their clients. The various software they were using didn’t easily and seamlessly integrate with their internal transportation management system. After studying the problem - which proved to be fairly complex - we determined that the solution would be to integrate a solid 3rd-party mobile application with the internal transportation management system. By doing this, we were confident SPC could achieve dramatic efficiency-boosting benefits, including:

  •       Simplifying their loads-brokering process;
  •       Reducing paperwork;
  •       Reducing follow-up with brokered carriers;
  •       Eliminating duplicated effort;
  •       Delivering all-round, next-level customer service to their clients.

The Dirigo Software Solution

As we zeroed in on the problem, we quickly determined it would require several different pieces of software to make it all work. First, we needed a website to capture information from the brokered carriers. Then, we needed customized software to “create” the shipments on the 3rd-party mobile application. This would allow drivers to readily track a shipment on their phone. Finally - since the drivers were not employees of SPC - we needed to be able to track compliance with the usage of the mobile app.

Efficiency-Boosting Benefits for SPC

After rolling up our sleeves and tackling the problem, we had created an integrated system that automates lots of work employees once had to do. The user-friendly website we developed now allows the brokered carrier to manage their driver and load information with all-new precision and time-saving efficiency. It also greatly simplifies the billing process and - very importantly - frees brokers up to enjoy significantly more time to generate sales and focus on other critical tasks. Sounds like a pretty good way to grow a business, doesn’t it?

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