Stepping Over Dollars to Pick Up Dimes

Stepping Over Dollars to Pick Up Dimes

Hopefully most people have heard of the phrase “stepping over dollars to pickup dimes?”  If you haven’t, it just means that you unwisely try to save money, which ultimately costs you much more later.  So, skipping repairs to your equipment to save money, could cost you a lot more when that equipment breaks or fails when you really need it. 


Well, this also applies to business processes.  If you don’t invest in the time and money to ensure they are documented and streamlined, you could be losing a lot of money through inefficiencies and lost business, due to miscommunication and missed deadlines.


You might be wondering if you might be feeling the effects of this in your business.  A good first step is to take the most expensive or most time-consuming process in your company and put it to the test.  Document how it is running and get all the parties involved to get their input.  You might be surprised to find that your employees might already have ways to streamline the process.  Next, look for opportunities to eliminate steps and use software to automate work.  Finally, make changes and track to ensure those changes make a difference.  Process improvement is a continuous process and measurement is an important part of that. 


Rinse and repeat, until you get to a satisfactory solution.  Why satisfactory?  Well the closer to perfect solution you get, the exponentially more expensive it can get.  Do you really need AI to process a few expense reports?  While a perfect solution, the cost is really more that the reward is.


If you haven’t reviewed your business processes in a while, maybe it is time you did.  This is where Dirigo Software Solutions comes in.  We offer a risk-free guaranteed assessment, where we help the business owners to get out of the trenches and look at their business from a 30,000 foot view and see where technology can be used to improve their business processes.  The guarantee we make is that you will walk away with at least four or five ideas to improve, even if you don’t hire us.  Stop stepping over dollars to pick up dimes and call us today at 207-740-5709!

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