Automation With GSuite

I talk a lot about automation, so today I want to talk about one of the projects I worked on for a cleaning company to make them more efficient.  Read about how I used software they already paid for to eliminate unproductive and unprofitable work Read more

In Good Times and Bad, Efficiency is King

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That is so true for our situation today. Let me introduce you to automation as a way to help steer your business through these times. Read on if you want to learn how changing your way of thinking may help your business during this crisis... Read more

The Cost of Doing Nothing

There is a real cost of choosing to do nothing.  I had a potential client decide to do nothing when faced with a difficult commission calculation process.  While I wish them the best, did they really consider the true cost of doing nothing? Read more

I Was Just Too Busy

When I talk with potential clients, they often tell me how busy they are. So busy, in fact, that they sometimes don't even have time to sit down with me. While I can empathize with them, let me give you a great example from my own life, where "being too busy" cost an organization considerable money. Read more

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