Are Your Employees Busy or Are They Productive?

As a business owner, you want your employees to work hard. You want your employees typing away at their desks or on the phones working with clients. That is until you pass the office manager's desk and her inbox has a stack of work orders sitting on it. You suffer a moment of frustration, but you know the office manager has been working hard, even working during her lunch breaks.  She is often ordering parts and following up with clients. What do you do, hire a new employee to help the office manager or maybe even replace the office manager?  Before you do anything you should ask is that the best solution?  

A Real Life Example

Even though your employees may be busy, there may be ways to increase their productivity and improve the bottom line for your business. The story above is a true one. One of my friends owned a HVAC company,  which was struggling to complete work orders because the office manager didn’t have time to process them.  She had so many other duties on her plate, besides which, it was taking an average of 20 minutes for a single work order to be processed.  Add to that, she was constantly being interrupted to attend to other matters.  She was doing the best that she could, but was struggling to keep up. In this case, the process of turning a work order into an invoice was so difficult, it was killing cash flow and hurting employee morale. 

Now, not all issues like this are as easy to identify. As a business owner, you are often so deep in the trenches yourself that you may miss the signs that something might not be right. You also may be just like that office manager — you may be busy as well.  Your business can’t afford these kinds of inefficiencies if you want to sustain or grow your company.

Get Your Business Off the Hamster Wheel of Inefficiency

How do you get off this hamster wheel of “being too busy” and get back to being productive?  Well, that is where Dirigo Software Solutions comes in.  What I do is help businesses become more efficient through technology.  Using my risk-free guaranteed technology assessment, I help the business owner to see opportunities for improvement by looking at their business processes from the 30,000-foot view and not the trenches.  Then I give them a report on what they can do to be more efficient.  The best part is that even if you don’t hire me, you will still walk away with four or five great ideas you can implement in your business to save time and money.  Give me a call at 207-740-5709 or email me at to get started!

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