I Was Just Too Busy

When I talk with potential clients, they often tell me how busy they are. So busy, in fact, that they sometimes don’t even have time to sit down with me. While I can empathize with them, experience has shown me that sometimes being “too busy” is something you can’t afford to be. Let me give you a great example from my own life, about how being “too busy” can cost an organization considerable money.

A Slow Process

In 1998, following six years in the Marines, I was working as a temp employee for the State of Maine. Most of the work that I was doing related to keeping the computers running, but part of the reason I was hired was to help the state roll out a massive upgrade to all of the computers in the organization.  At the time, the state was using an automation process to install user specific information, but it was not a smooth or efficient one. There were a lot of failures and it took almost 24 hours from the time I started the software install to when I put it on the user’s desk. 

Fast forward a few months and the upgrade project is still struggling along and we’re still replacing computers. One of my fellow temps was working on another project and he approached me about a new piece of software he was using called Ghost. He gave me a quick overview and said he felt it might be able to help me speed up the upgrade process. I told him that I was “too busy” to look at the software.  I just assumed that the problem was not going to be solved by some simple piece of software.

Efficiency Gain

Fast forward a few months more, and I finally found the time to test out Ghost and it worked great. In a weeks’ time, I was building computers without the problems we’d encountered previously, and I was able to turn around PCs within four hours. Even better, I was not running into any of the failures that I had encountered before. Ghost reduced the time it took to put a computer on someone’s desk by 83.4 percent, and we had a heck of a lot less issues while doing it. 

Ultimately, I wasn’t too busy!  I was just so deep in the trenches that I was unwilling to consider that there might be a better way to do things. Although I was a temp employee and I was only expected to just get work done, my busy-ness cost the organization time and ultimately a lot of money. 

Free Technology Assessment

Needless to say, I am much smarter today in making sure to take advantage of time-saving tools to help myself and my clients. That’s why I started Dirigo Software Solutions and began my crusade to help business owners use technology to eliminate work that is unproductive and unprofitable. 

What I do is help businesses become more efficient through technology.  Using my risk-free guaranteed technology assessment, I help the business owner to see opportunities for improvement by looking at their business processes from the 30,000-foot view and not the trenches.  Then I give them a report on what they can do to be more efficient.  The best part is that even if you don’t hire me, you will still walk away with four or five great ideas you can implement in your business to save time and money.  Give me a call at 207-740-5709 or email me at wwade@dirigosoftwaresolutions.com to get started!

 *Here’s how I came up with that figure: $70,000 divided by 260 days (5 days x 52 weeks) equals $269 wages per day then times 36 days (3 days a month x 12 months).


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